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Textile Fibres and Yarn: Textile Fibres, Yarn Manufacturing.

Fabric Manufacturing: Weaving, Knitting, Non Woven and specialty fabric manufacturing.

Chemical Processing: Preparatory Processes, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing. Chemical processing, Testing, Quality and Analysis. Effluent treatment and Environment studies.

Garment : Designing, Pattern Designing and Drafting, Laying, Cutting, Sewing and Post Sewing operations. Garment and Fashion Merchandising. Garment Testing, Quality and Analysis.

Fashion : Fashion Designing, Fashion Sketching, Fashion Portfolio, Fashion Show, Fashion Marketing, Costumes, Fashion merchandising, Management, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Embellishment.

Knitting : Weft Knitting, Warp Knitting, Flat Knitting, Seamless Knitting, Specialty Knitting.

Specialty Textiles : Industrial and Technical Textiles, Smart Textiles, Nano Textiles, Geo Textiles, Medical Textiles, Hygiene Textiles, Home Textile.

Quality Assurance : Raw Material Quality, Yarn Quality, Fabric Quality, Garment Quality, Quality Assurance in Chemical Processing.

Leather : Leather Science, Leather Engineering, Leather Technology, Leather Garments and Fashion. Pre-tanning, Tanning, Post Tanning, Leather Finishing.