volume 1 - issue 3

1. Apparel Industry - The New Normal.
Author(s) : J.M. Subashini, S. Kanchana Devi, Dr. S. Kavitha

Abstract: In the post-COVID-19 pandemic wearing the mask and maintaining social distancing becomes the new normal where people have to strictly follow to keep themselves safe. In such situations, the apparel industry has to come up with new business imperatives to catch up with their business back to normal. The world has to face new strategies and new adaptation to overcome the pandemic time and move back to a new normal. The apparel sectors, brand, retail, the manufacture has faced many challenges and thus in this paper, the challenges of textile and apparel sectors and new norms and strategies followed by apparel brand, in retail sectors, buying and in supply chain management has been discussed and it is found that digitalization has become new normal in all of these sectors.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.46590/rjtl.2020.010301

2. An Experimental Study on Protective Gloves Used in Pakistan
Author(s) : Beena Zehra , Hafiz Rub Nawaz, Barkat Ali Solangi, Uzma Nadeem, Mohammad Zeeshan

Abstract: This technical study deals with the experimental evaluation of four different safety gloves, used in Pakistan for protection of hands. The samples were prepared and tested according to their standard test methods EN-388. The samples for EN388 were subjected to three physical tests; puncture resistance (N), abrasion resistance (cycles), tear-resistance (N). The results revealed that the performance levels of synthetic leather/ PVC gloves were found higher than other gloves.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.46590/rjtl.2020.010302